Pak-Turkey friendship

Wajeeha Ahmad

In recent years, the friendship between two Muslim countries i.e. Pakistan and Turkey, has flourished amazingly and it is an undeniable reality that the incumbent PML(N) government has made extensive efforts to strengthen the endless cooperation with our Muslim brother country. During his recent visit to Istanbul, the Chief Minister Punjab Shehbaz Sharif met Turkish Health Minister Dr. Recep Akdag to explore the possibilities of mutual cooperation in health sector to improve the condition of public hospitals in the Province of Punjab. While meeting the Turkish President Erdogan at the opening ceremony of Yavuz Sultan Selim Koprosu, both the leaders renewed their pledge for mutual cooperation and standing by each other in the hour of need.
President Erdogan expressed his hopes for stronger ties between the two brotherly countries in the future as well. CM Punjab uttered historic words, “in the past, tanks used to roll in and stop the azaans; but this time around it was the Azaan that stopped the tanks from rolling in.” This statement sums up the recent scenario in Turkey quite beautifully.

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