Pak-Russia ties

Relations between Pakistan and Russia have seen an unprecedented improvement over the last few years with both countries holding joint military exercises and also exploring ways and means to further enhance their defence and economic relations. Recently, Pakistan expressed its desire to take the relationship to the next level by offering Moscow a multidimensional strategic partnership.
The offer made by Pakistan for developing strategic ties with Moscow is a positive and significant step that will enable the two countries to come closer and build a strong partnership based on shared interests. Undoubtedly, the long-term multidimensional partnership between the two countries will be mutually beneficial and contribute towards regional peace and stability.
The countries should envisage cooperation not only in the field of defence but also in other sectors of the economy including energy, trade, agriculture and industry. What is required is that they maintain the current upward trajectory in relations through high-level interactions. Multidimensional strategic partnership,,,, I guess,,,it means,,, the plan to be under execution in the flow of exchanging investment equally with taking various decisions for its betterment.

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