Pak-Russia defence ties

AS new alignments are taking shape in the world, Pakistan and Russia while forgetting bitterness of cold war era have also embarked upon a journey to develop relations on a strong footing. Especially over the last two years, the two countries have been seen cosying up to each other in the arena of energy and defence with militaries of both the countries engaging in frequent ground and naval drills. Strongly supporting the multi billion dollars CPEC project, Russia has also made its intentions clear to connect it with the Eurasian Economic Union project.
We believe Monday’s meeting between Chief of Army Staff Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa and Russian Ambassador Alexey Youevich was also held in the context of further expanding military-to-military relations between the two countries, which Bajwa very rightly described as important for regional security. Changing global and regional security environment provides both states with environment to create a mutually beneficial relationship. With India getting close to Europe and its strategic partnership with the US, Pakistan and Russia are eyeing each other as future allies. In fact along with China, the three countries can change entire landscape of the region by promoting connectivity and integration. But this objective can only be cherished when there is also peace in the region. Just last December, we saw Moscow hosting a meeting with Pakistan and China in which the three countries took some important decisions vis-à-vis bringing improvement to Afghan situation. Being neighbours, the three countries have genuine stakes in Afghan peace and we expect that Russia will be more forthcoming and continue to take such initiatives aimed at addressing current situation in Afghanistan. As regards defence relations, we expect that Pakistan will also take benefit of Russian expertise to further upgrade and achieve complete self-reliance in defence production. The people of Pakistan are also eagerly awaiting the long overdue visit of President Vladimir Putin which we believe will give a major boost to bilateral relations.

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