Pak-Iran relations

Naima Sadaqat

The visit of the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to Pakistan will open a new era of Pak-Iran relationship. Iran has been a respected, popular, and favoured nation among Pakistanis, with 76% of Pakistanis viewing their western neighbour positively, making Pakistan the most pro-Iran nation in the world. After the independence of Pakistan in August 1947, Iran had the unique distinction of being the first country to internationally recognise the sovereign status of Pakistan.
Currently, both countries are economic partners. This cooperation lasted throughout the Cold War, with Iran supporting Pakistan in its conflict with arch-rival, India. In return, Pakistan supported Iran military during the Iran-Iraq War in the 1980s. Both coutries are founding members of the (ECO). However, sometime difficulties have also arisen during the two brotherly countries, including disputes over trade and political position. While Pakistan’s foreign policy maintains balanced relations. Pak-Iran working on different projects like Gas Pipeline, trade, electricity, both countries are firm to enhance their trade volume over 5 billion dollers a year.
Some evil forces always try to create bad blood between the two Muslim countries, but their evil designs will not be materialised and they will still continue sharing different projects for their mutual benefits. The agenda of meeting of Iranian President included enhancement of bilateral of relations in the fields of Information Technology, Culture, Tourism, Energy and Science and technology sectors. Pakistan and Iran are connected by train, road and flight network and tourism, trade and investment are priority sectors in today’s Pak-Iran relations to exploit optimum connectivity at the states and peoples level. Here the need is to continue friendly relations by working together.

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