Pak for masses not masters..!

These schemes are offered to legalise mega economic crimes of the ultra-rich, in the poor countries falling in the category of Banana Republic; and are never offered, in the developed nations, where the rule of law is supreme. In fact, in the poor countries the first thing the big wigs do is to get the amnesty scheme immediately legalised from Parliament and Judiciary.
In this regard, writing off of mega bank loans of the rich and mighty defaulters is also an amnesty for the ultra-rich persons of the society. Never ever, huge educational fee, fat medical expenses and high utility bills have been waived off for the poor, in Pakistan, by any government. In typical Banana Republics the huge and sprawling residences and production units of the high and mighty, invariably indulge in theft of utility facilities and taxes with issuance of SRO’s, the burden of which is passed over into the bills of the poorest of the poor, even living in the ghettos: and to cover up their smart moves, a propaganda is unleashed that very few persons pay taxes in the country.
Further, the hitmen of the Banana Republic excellently use their brains to serve their masters and befool the masses by ingenious ways of deception. Moreover, like devaluation of currency, the amnesty schemes, theft of utilities, issuance of SRO’s and loan waivers increases the number of poor persons living below the poverty base line: and similarly increases the number of persons legally living above the ultra rich category, who only pay 10% of the tax revenue compared with 17% share of the poorest 10% in Pakistan, just because indirect taxation is above 80% and direct taxation less than 20% in Pakistan. The gist of the above analysis clearly explains that Pakistan must immediately get itself unleashed from the policies of the hitmen and develop a home-grown politico-socio-economic system specifically designed to serve the masses not the masters.

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