Pak faces issues

Pakistan has faced many issues since 1947 including the issue of Afghan refugees which has a great effect on its economy, making it unstable at times. This issue is still going on in the KP. Pakistan, the host of millions of Afghan refugees since the Soviet invasion, now seeks their rapid repatriation.
It is hard to ignore the fact that many Pakistanis, who have lived side by side with Afghans, feel concerned about their fellows, as the government has decided that the Afghan refugees should move back to their motherland. And for those Afghans who have lived in Pakistan for all their lives, the question that is unanswered is why must they leave a place they consider home? After interviewing some Afghan residents in Peshawar, they said that their parents were refugees, but they’re not and that they are studying in Peshawar just like other citizens. They don’t understand why people use the word ‘Muhajir’ while discussing them. They call themselves Afghans whose homes are in Pakistan.
The main reason for the return of Afghan refugees back to their homeland is the fear of arrest or deportation, due to fake identities and passports. Another reason is the deteriorating living conditions of the refugees and how they are treated in Pakistan. In order to resolve this conflict, there should be strict security over the borders in order to reduce influx of illegal migrants. In this way, economy of Pakistan won’t have extra- burden.

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