Pak efforts against terrorism

This refers to news report ‘China urges world to recognize Pakistan efforts against terrorism’ (June 30). Surprisingly, the countries which have played the crucial role in pressuring other countries for placing Pakistan on the FATF Grey list happen to be the United States and its alliesFrance, Germany and the UK. Previously there used to be just one Mad Dog Mattis in the US. However, there is a newer and even bigger Mad Dog there now, and he is ruling the US. And while the European countries are actively taking a joint stand against him to safeguard their own interests, they are quite willing to oblige him when it comes to harming Muslim counties.
Strangely, of these countries which are so obsessed with terror financing the two namely US and Britain had launched an illegal, unjust and devastating terror attack on Iraq. And when it came to attacking Libya, even France joined the pack and they are now bent upon destroying Syria. In fact, French jet fighters were the first to appear on Libyan horizon and were actively involved in causing the tragic death of Libyan leader Col. Moammar Gaddafi. And Germany used to supply Israel nuclear-capable submarines at subsidized price since the poor country could not afford to buy these on normal rates.
Now, what moral authority do these countries have to accuse Pakistan of terror financing when they have themselves been not only financing terror in Libya and Syria but also giving financial and other help to the terrorist state Israel, and ravaging Iraq, Libya and Syria physically through their terror attacks?

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