Pak to co-sponsor resolution at UN for withdrawal of US decision

Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital
United Nations

Pakistan will fully support and co-sponsor resolution for the withdrawal of US decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.
While addressing the OIC Ambassadorial Group at the United Nations on Tuesday, Pakistan’s permanent representative in the UN Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi said: “Our support to the Palestinian cause and to the defence of al-Quds al-Sharif is and has always been a core principle of Pakistan’s foreign policy.”
She added, “Our support remains unwavering.” The OIC Ambassadorial Group met ahead of the UN General Assembly’s special emergency session on Jerusalem status.
Ambassador Lodhi recalled that the first-ever stand-alone General Assembly resolution on Jerusalem, GA Resolution 2253, adopted on July 4, 1967, at an Emergency Special Session of the General Assembly, was led and sponsored by Pakistan.
Thursday’s special session has been convened jointly by the Arab Group and the OIC following the US veto of the UN Security Council resolution rejecting President Donald Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
“The US veto (on Monday) of a resolution calling for the withdrawal of the decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel was doubling down on an already dangerously misplaced strategy, in perhaps the most sensitive geopolitical hotspot in the world,” the Pakistani envoy said.
“While the initial decision itself was dangerous, the veto attempted to legitimise a declaration that is already null and void, and lacks any legality.”
President Trump abruptly reversed decades of US policy when he recognised Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, generating outrage from the Arab and Islamic world and even concern among Washington’s allies.

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