Pak asks UN to live up to its promise to Kashmiris

Observer Report

New York—Pakistan said at the UN that the world body’s credibility was at stake because of its inability to implement its own resolutions on Kashmir. Speaking in the General Assembly’s thematic debate on Peace and Security in ‘a world of risks’, Pakistan’s Ambassador, Dr. Maleeha Lodhi underlined that the UN was created with the very purpose to prevent and stop injustices – injustices such as the denial of fundamental human rights to the people of Palestine and Kashmir.
She asked the 193-member world body as to how the UN could command the respect it deserves if its own edicts were flouted so wantonly. She called it a ‘collective and solemn duty’ to keep the promises made to the people of Kashmir and Palestine in numerous resolutions. Dr. Lodhi warned that the UN would be seen to be practicing double standards if it continued to condone military aggression or foreign interventions, ignore persisting situations of foreign occupation and denial of the right of self-determination to people living under occupation and also if it fails to address prolonged outstanding disputes.
Calling for introspection by Members of the United Nations, the Pakistani envoy also asked why the Security Council – a source of international law – was reluctant to refer legal disputes to the International Court of Justice? And why, she questioned, has the General Assembly been absolved of its responsibility to make recommendations on questions relating to international peace and security? Ambassador Lodhi said that the world at large would view the United Nations as little more than a political tool in the hand of the powerful few if it found no credible answers to these questions except be reference to the “imperatives of realpolitik.”

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