Pak Army: Men at their best

Pakistan Army is a land-based force of Pakistan Armed Forces. It came into existence with the independence of the country. It has started its operations with almost zero level of arms and ammunition. With the passage of time, Pak Army became independent in building arms and ammunition and the professional capabilities reached to the highest level. Pakistan Army is ranked as one of the best armies of the world. They have proved their abilities the best in war as well as peace.
Recently, Pakistan Army won international military drill competition known as Pace Sticking Competition held at Royal Academy Sandhurst, United Kingdom (UK). On 13th April 2018, Pakistan Army Cadet Sheroz Shahid won overseas International Medal. He was awarded for highest performance in education, training and physical fitness fields. This competition was held after 2-month training. A team of Pakistan Military Academy won the 90th competition. This team participated in this competition for the first time.
Looking back to history; Pakistan Army has many international achievements in their credit. Among the difficult exercises and competitions “Exercise Cambrian Patrol” stands on top. In this exercise, participants have to cover 50 miles (80KM) in less than 48 hours. The exercises are held annually since 1960. The world top class armies take part in this competition.
This competition is consisting of marching over Cambrian Mountains, crossing deserts shooting match on the Senny Bridge Training Area. It is physically challenging and arduous exercise, concentrate on teamwork. The participants of this competition are well-trained army personnel from across the globe. A team of Pakistan Army won a gold medal in 2017. In the last 12 years, the Pakistan Army won maximum gold medals among others.
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