Pak Army and PCP

There are a lot of critics of the Pakistan Army getting involved in different business initiatives. I for one thing that the Government owned organizations can learn from the continuous success of Pakistan Army owned businesses to grow and create more jobs for Pakistanis.
The Privatization Commission of Pakistan (PCP) can learn on how to set up industries in public-private partnership initiatives. For example, one of my friends has started a high quality commercial bakery in a Pakistan Army Cantonment area. The lease period he was offered was for 10 years, after which the ownership of the bakery will revert to Pak Army. To cover the short lease period time, the Pakistan Army offered advance bakery items supply orders and some advance payment.
This way the private partner managed to set up a business and earn a handsome profit in 10 years. While Pakistan Army gets high quality product and a profitable business at the end of 10 years which is a win-win situation for both partners in this deal. If the PCP could use similar models to create industries across Pakistan that can supply high quality product to the Government, and get regular rent for using Government owned property, and get their original investment and profit after 10 years after selling the shares of the company.

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