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Pak-Afghan shared destiny

PRIME Minister Imran Khan and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on Sunday agreed to capitalise on the true economic potential of the two countries for assured socio-economic development, alleviation of poverty and welfare of the two peoples. In a telephonic conversation, the two leaders agreed to make efforts for availing the geographic locations of Afghanistan and Pakistan to enhance regional connectivity.
There can be no two opinions that Pakistan and Afghanistan have shared destiny and they will have to go for an intensive cooperative engagement for the sake of regional peace and security, which is a must for progress and prosperity of their people. Afghanistan is in turmoil for over two decades and the war has pushed the country several decades back. It needs massive scale reconstruction and rehabilitation activities for a sustainable period to make amend for the losses it was made to bear because of foreign intervention and invasion. Pakistan too has suffered heavily because of instability and chaos in Afghanistan as it is still hosting about three million refugees and it is widely believed that Kalashnikov culture and bomb blasts were mainly by-product of the security environment in Afghanistan. Pakistan is keen to have in-depth economic relationship with Central Asian Republics and mega projects like Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India gas pipeline and CASA-1000, which are symbols of regional connectivity, cannot be realized without peace and stability in Afghanistan. It is in this backdrop that Pakistan has long been advocating for a peace process in Afghanistan which is owned and led by Afghan themselves and the Prime Minister reiterated this vision during his telephonic conversation with Afghan President. He also underlined that Pakistan will spare no effort to advance the common objectives of building peace in Afghanistan and having a fruitful bilateral relationship between the two brotherly countries. Pakistan has repeatedly demonstrated goodwill towards Afghanistan by extending fullest possible cooperation in promoting the peace process, enhancing security on border, offering preferential trade arrangements and initiating developmental projects in Afghanistan but unfortunately these have not been reciprocated in the same spirit by the other side. There are some elements in Afghanistan that spoil the relationship at the instance of their foreign friends. We hope the Afghan President would pay an early visit to Pakistan, the two sides would discuss all aspects of bilateral relations and arrive at an understanding to move forward together for the sake of common good.