Paintings exhibition ‘Configuration’ starts at Tanzara Gallery

City Reporter

An exhibition titled “Configuration” by Pakistan renowned contemporary artists opened here at premises of Tanzara’s Gallery in Saidpur Village.
The exhibition will continue till September 28 and remain open daily on 11:30 am and close at 7 pm in evening.
The paintings displayed in the exhibition exploring depictions of the human figures. The exhibition curated by Asim Akhtar. While the exhibition features the art work of Abdullah Qureshi, Abdul Ali Hyder, Aqeel Solangi, Shamsuddin Tanwari, Aziz Meer, Saddam Murad, Imran Kazmi, Javed Mughal, Kashif Mangi, Moeen Faruqi, R M Naeem, Sumera Jawad, Zahid Mayo and Sabiqa Suleman.
During two-week event, the visitors will experience various expressions of the figure and invisible path that exists between them. This shared connection is not to say that the artworks are actually linked in one way or another.
“On the contrary, at times the distance may be more profound than the shared affinities between these works and artists, yet by connecting them, we may gain new knowledge about ourselves, and our fascination with the human form,” the gallery’s director Noshi Qadir explained.
The current landscape of figurative painting is predominantly representational. This exhibition deals with the commonality of this art form in response to significant topics and issues of the prevalent times.

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