Owners of CNG stations raise prices unilaterally


Staff Reporter

Owners of CNG stations in Karachi unilaterally raised prices of the product by Rs 3.5 per litre, creating a storm as transporters rejected the decision, threatening to go on strike against it.
The CNG station owners took this decision within24 hours of the government deregulating the CG in Sindh and KPK, and not enforcing it in the Punjab or Balochistan.
Naturally, the pump owners saw a God-sent opportunity in that, and once again proved that deregulation of prices should not be left to private hands.Their decision has been resented by consumers also.
Experts attributed this to cartelization of business in CNG, saying after the price hike, gan would now be available for Rs 70 or 71 per litre..
Earlier this month on December 20, the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources approved the deregulation of prices of CNG, following which the station owners were authorised to set their own prices.
The ministry issued a notice to CNG owners stating that prices are no longer regulated by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA), and the CNG station owners are free to decide and set their own prices.

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