Overpopulation in Pakistan

Tahir Rafique

Pakistan is among 10 most populated countries in the world. According to the latest UN Report, the population of Pakistan would be 300 million in the year 2050.
Overpopulation leads to many issues that include lack of food, education and health facilities which in turn increase incidences of robbery, kidnapping and other illegal and immoral acts in the society. A country with overpopulation cannot progress because a major chunk of resources goes to feed the public. To elaborate my point, I quote China’s example. If today China’s population is less than what it is, it would have been far more prosperous. Though many may not agree with me, yet it is the truth. Therefore, all of us must be cognizant of the hazards of overpopulation and the government should generate awareness among the masses with regard to overpopulation taking all the stakeholders into confidence.
—Kech Balochistan

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