Over-pricing in Ramazan

We all know that Ramadan is the most revered month and we respect this month by our heart and soul but people make Ramadan a source of earning money by selling their goods at high prices. In Pakistan when the Ramadan is going to be started all the food, fruits, vegetable, dry-fruit and many other dealers stocks their goods in low price and when the Ramadan is going to be started they increase the price of this low-priced goods and sell them to the markets to destroy the plans and strategy of a middle class person. A person who doesn’t earn a suitable income his life is going to be miserable. This practice actually is done only in Pakistan. In other Muslim countries the prices are kept on the lower side in the month of Ramadan. Milk, dates, vegetable all the things go out of range of the people. But our government does not take any kind of action on this practice they act like a “rabbits dreams” and all the responsibility is going on the shoulders of the citizens. So it’s my humble request to the government officials who were appointed to deal with such kinds of problem that please pay attention to this serious problem and make people happy and joyful during Ramadan and on the occasion of Eid.

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