Over 8,400 fake clinics of quacks closed down so far

Staff Reporter

During the current drive against quacks, Punjab Healthcare Commission (PHC) has closed down 8,400 ‘clinics’ of quacks and imposed Rs 65.55 million fine on them.
According the health source, the PHC teams sealed 116 fake treatment centres of quacks in Lahore, Faisalabad and Jhang districts during the last one week.
The sealed quacks’ businesses were categorised as 50 general quacks, 30 fake dentists, 20 Hakeems, nine bone-setters, three each medical stores and homoeopathic doctors and a laboratory.
In Faisalabad district and three tehsils, 45 quacks’ businesses were closed, which comprised 22 general quacks, 16 fake dentists, four bone-setters, two Hakeems and a laboratory.
In Jhang district, its tehsil Shorkot and other small towns, 41 fake treatment centres were closed down, which included 12 Hakeems, 11 fake dentists, nine general quacks, three each bone-setters, medical stores and homoeopathic medics.
In Lahore, the PHC teams sealed another 30 fake treatment centres in different parts of the city.

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