Outrageous incident

Javaid Bashir

It is quite disturbing and alarming news that a guard posted at the local landlords enclave would shot a man simply because he entered inside the picket for quenching his thirst for water. A Shepherd was pasturing his sheep in the nearby meadow when he felt thirsty and crossed the barrier.
The guard named Riaz working for Malik Noor Rabbani Khar fired at him. Altaf Hussain, the shepherd, received gun wound in his leg. He was taken to nearby hospital. The police reached the site and started investigation of the crime scene to fix liability on the person involved. Meanwhile Malik Noor Rabbani Khar when contacted by the Press on the telephone expressed his condemnation of the incident.
The outrageous and impolite incident curdles the blood of the viewers. The human life has become inexpensive that it can be dispensed at will. The guard should have issued warning to the trespasser, who was negligent too. The statement of the injured victim has been recorded by the SP of the Manawan Police Station. A case will be registered against the culprit at fault. We strongly condemn this outrageous incident and demand thorough investigations and booking of the offender.
—Via email

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