Outlaws including wall-chalking ban violators netted


Police in their crackdown against anti-social elements have arrested 10 outlaws including two wall-chalking ban violators besides recovering 210 grams charras, five liters liquor, two pistols 30 bore with 184 rounds and a stolen vehicle from their possession.
According to a police spokesman, Pirwadhai police netted Mushtaq for having 210 grams charras. Mandra police rounded up Atif for carrying five liters liquor.
Pirwadhai police netted Adnan and recovered 13 rounds while 163 rounds were recovered from the possession of Amir Khan. Waris Khan police held Azhar and seized a 30 bore pistol with three rounds. Banni police nabbed Jawad for having an illegal 30 bore pistol with five rounds.
Westridge police arrested Muhammad Ayub and recovered a stolen vehicle from his possession. Meanwhile, Morgah police arrested Nabeel and Adeel who were wall-chalking ban violators.—APP

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