Out of humility

There was a lot of hue and cry in media, especially from the opposition, on the act of a police officer who out of humility, courtesy and modesty saluted Maryam Nawaz, the daughter of the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Criticism like this is not justified in any case as by saluting Maryam she has not done any crime of a serious nature as pointed out by the opposition and portrayed by the media. Seeing things from a different point of view can help us understand why other people act the way they do. We too often judge people without having all the facts. Moreover, I think there is a need to understand one thing that apart from being professionals we are humans as well. We have our likes and dislikes. If, being professionals, we can salute a person whom we actually do not want, so there is no harm if we salute a person whom we like. I believe that the lady police officer has done nothing wrong by saluting Maryam and our media now stop discussing such petty issues which certainly have no importance at all. There are more pressing issues than this that really need attention. The media has an important responsibility to play, therefore, it must cease to play into the hands of opposition. Unfortunately, Pakistan is already suffering because of the enough damages that have been done to this country so we, as a nation, must rise to the challenges being faced by this country. Only words will not do anything until backed by the actions.

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