Our unjust leadership

Hashim Abro

A vast majority of people in this country is in afflictions. People of intellect are in trials. Those officers who are men of integrity, their bosses have no sympathy or compassion for them. They only try to put them in a fix. But those who are corrupt to the core, their cases are forwarded for promotion / up-gradation. Educated and talented youth are seen wandering from pillar to post in search of jobs. I see many qualified and highly potential women from the rural Pakistan feeling downcast in this unjust society.
Whenever I have the opportunity to the rural Pakistan, particularly, the cities, towns and villages in my home province Sindh and look at the plight and crude conditions of the troubled and downtrodden, it aches my heart. There is bitterness and the gall all around due to imposed extreme poverty and delayed justice but our rulers do not listen to the voice of the people despite persistent lamentations. Like many others who think realistically, I believe that the present ruling class will never take people –friendly positive actions to move this country towards progressive change and uplift the living standards of the masses.
Whether one believes or not but things are getting scarier because of callousness of ruling elites. It is not just fear–mongering but a glaring reality but who cares in this country because our rulers are not close to the broken-hearted but to the imp and corrupt to the core. They have mercy for thugs and thieves, killers and kidnapper but not for those who voted them into power. Had the National Action Plan ( NAP) been put in action in real earnest, across the country, Pakistan would have become one of the most peaceful, progressive and worth living country, and dacoits and their mentors would not have reportedly resurfaced in the upper and lower regions in Sindh and lawlessness would not have spanked in other parts of the country as we see and hear nowadays.

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