Our polluted cities

Rahima Tauqeer

Three Pakistani cities are among the ten most polluted cities of the world, according to the statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO) after a meaningful survey of more than 1600 cities. The WHO examined concentration of fine particles suspended in atmosphere. Karachi is the fifth most polluted city of the world. Air pollution, lack of proper waste management infrastructure and degradation of water bodies are major environmental issues in Karachi.
The air in the city is being rapidly polluted by vehicle emission from rickshaws and buses, industrial emissions, open burning of garbage and house fires and others. Peshawar is the sixth most polluted city. The burning of solid waste and use of ill maintained vehicles are the sources of pollution in Peshawar. Rawalpindi holds the seventh position in pollution. A rapidly growing city in Pothohar region of northern Punjab, Rawalpindi is home to various textile mills. Its high level of traffic has increased the air pollution in the region. I, therefore, humbly request senior authorities to draw their attentions towards this drastic issue as it is a big problem for people all over country and world at large.

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