Our ‘locked up’ bureaucracy!

Hashim Abro

We are working in the twenty first century which demands winning people’s hearts but our bureaucrats and technocrats whom like many other thinking minds I contemptuously call ‘locked up” bureaucracy and technocracy, are unconcerned about it. They are kept “locked up” in their car by their personal and protocol staff, in office they are kept “locked up” by their stereotyped, Rip Van Winkle, sadist and pessimist sort of Private Secretary and other staff members who can’t see beyond their offices and at home, in their palatial bungalows they are kept “locked up” by their shopping crazy or short tempered “ begmats”. Pitiable they are.
Thousands of pities for them because they see and evaluate, weigh and value each and everything through the eyes and ears of their private secretaries, many of them clerks/steno typists turned to be Private Secretaries, devoid of behavioural competence. These pitiable “locked up” officers kept in oblivion never know that organizations in the world today demand focus on whole system to improve organizational effectiveness because organizations are complex – not simple entities, Organizations are dynamic –are always changing, Organizations need sustainable solutions and results, improved operations, increased engagement.
Is there anyone in this country, well–wisher of the people and friend of public sector organizations, to tell our “locked up” bureaucrats and technocrats to have at least four kinds of knowledge, required of leaders who desire to create problem-solving, self-renewing organizations, such as Knowledge of how organizations work; Knowledge of how change occurs; Knowledge of how to intervene in organizations to produce desired changes; and Knowledge of how to solve problems?
— Islamabad

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