Other Ministers may follow Nisar’s footsteps

IN his yet another press conference, on Friday, Interior Minister Ch. Nisar Ali Khan announced a road map to purge two of the most important public service departments – NADRA and Immigration & Passports – of the corruption and corrupt elements. Taking serious view of the instances of issuance of Pakistani Identity Cards and Passports to foreigners, the Minister intends to accomplish the gigantic task of re-verification of all CNICs in the next six months. Holders of fake CNICs or Passports have also been given two months to voluntarily surrender such documents; otherwise law would take its own course against them and also against those who helped them issue such documents.
There have been reports since long about issuance of Pakistani Passports and fake CNICs to foreigners and others with grave implications for national security and overall image of the country but no one was really bothered and therefore, credit goes to Ch. Nisar Ali Khan to initiate the process of purging and accountability in the relevant organizations. The Minister is determined to undertake this daunting task of catching the bull by the horns and sought cooperation from masses, judiciary and media, which must be extended for this national cause. It is worth-mentioning that it was not for the first time that Ch. Nisar Ali Khan has embarked upon a tough but much-needed course as he has been taking pains to reform various departments under his control with visible improvements in their working. He always comes to press conferences after doing necessary home work and is laced with relevant facts and figures. The Minister presents his case logically and in an articulate manner and also means business. That is why he excels many of his Cabinet colleagues in many respects, who ought to follow his footsteps if they too are genuinely interested to make a difference and impact. In our view, Ch. Nisar has earned more respect because of his steadfast policy of bringing about improvements and transparency in departments under his Ministry. We also hope that the exercise for re-verification of all CNICs would be carried out in a manner that ensures barest possible inconvenience to people because they must not suffer for wrong-doings of corrupt elements in NADRA.

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