Orlando — a terrorist attack or security lapse?

Muzzamil Ahmed

On June 12, 2016, the Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, was attacked with legally purchased high capacity firearms. 50 people, including the gunman, were killed with 53 others injured. It was a deadliest mass shooting by a single gunman. The assailant was identified as 29 year old Omer Mateen, a US citizen. His parents were of Afghani background and Omer Mateen was raised as a Muslim. In 2006 and 2007, Mateen worked for seven months as a prison guard for the Florida Department of Correction, It’s a government agency. It means that Omer Mateen worked seven months as a government employee for the government of US. Since 2007, he had been a security guard for “G4S Secure Solution”. It turns out that this US subsidiary of G4S is a company that works very closely with “The Department of Homeland Security, The US Army and Federal and Local law Enforcement”. Mateen became a person of interest to the FBI in May 2013 and July 2014. Mateen was interviewed three times in connection with the investigations, which were closed after producing nothing that appeared to warrant further investigation. Donald Trump a US Presidential nominee and the media says it was Islamic terrorism, linked with Islam but the director of FBI James Comey told media “So far, we see no indication that this was a plot directed from outside the US and we see no indication that he was part of any kind of network. The question arises as to who is right, the unofficials or officials? The classmate of Mateen told media that he was socially awkward and disliked by classmates. Mateen’s father, Siddique Mir Mateen said that he had seen his son get angry after seeing a gay couple kissing in front of his family, which he suggested might have been a motivating factor for the attack and his first wife also pointed out this factor on media. On July 16, CIA head John Brennan told the Senate Intelligence Committee that his agency was unable to uncover any link between Mateen and ISIS and calling the shooting a “Lone Wolf” attack. According to all facts and statements there is no link of this attack with Islam; it’s an individual act as CIA head said “Lone Wolf” attack. Mateen has been a US government employee and an FBI suspect but despite all, he succeeded to attack and raise a big question on US security. US should beef up its own security set up before blaming Islam. Islam is a peaceful religion and condemns all types of killings of innocent people.
— Karachi

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