Organic Naturelle cooking oil launched

Salim Ahmed


Punjab Oil Mills (POM) has introduced Naturelle oil, which is Pakistan’s first chemical free premium cooking oil. Tahir Jehangir CEO Punjab Oil Mills said here that committed to deliver natural organic cooking oil that naturelle has made it practically possible. “It’s miles nature’s bounty with all its nourishment and energy – and without any chemical, petroleum or preservatives. With a base of healthy sunflower oil and added Vitamins A & D, cooking with Naturelle organic cooking oil doesn’t just taste amazing – it’s good for you too,” he said. Historically, he said the large part of oil gets extracted from oil seed like cottonseed, sunflower, peanuts or coconuts. “If you go back and see the Mediterranean region, olive oil was also in use even in ancient times.” According to him, oil is taken to a sequence of vessels in which it is treated with acids, alkalis and other chemical compounds to neutralize any last hexane and to remove the free fatty acids, the rancidity and the odor. The uncooked oil is then bleached with chlorine, to cut the dark shade and make it appearance more appealing. However, Naturelle oil does not treated through any of those severe and harmful processes.

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