Orange Train Line controversy

Javaid Bashir

During the hearing of the appeal filed by the Punjab Government, the Supreme Court of Pakistan has asked the contesting parties to provide names of three experts each. Lahore High Court has granted stay against the construction of the Orange Train Line Project. The Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mr. Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali, hearing the case said, “Historical heritage is being destroyed, monarchy is being established in the name of democracy in the country, bad governance has continued in the name of good governance. If the people do not cast vote in favour of honest candidates then this will happen. They should elect such persons who know their problems and can solve them. Historic heritage is our national asset and must be preserved. We will not let this destroyed by Government.
The Government’s intention to provide cheap and comfortable transportation to the people is a noble cause. But it did not take into consideration the complex problems arising out of it. The feasibility report must have pointed out these problems and removed apprehensions about the safety of these historic buildings located in the project area. The civil society along with other organizations has raised objections regarding the damage to be caused to historic buildings by the Orange Train Line Project.
Now the technical experts would give their opinion. Both the sides have been asked to prove their claims and counter-claims with regard to the damage caused to the historic buildings. We must ponder over the Chief Justice’s cutting remarks;which are serious enough for the Government to resign and submit to the accountability. The people have an inkling that the Government is not interested in their welfare.
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