Optimism on Pak-US front

AFTER a series of statements and counter statements, there are credible reports of behind-the-scene renewed engagement between Pakistan and the United States in a bid to sort out differences that went public after {in-}famous tweet by President Trump. After hints dropped by Foreign Office spokesman Dr. Muhammad Faisal on Thursday that the two sides were busy in talks away from media focus, Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa received two telephone calls from US Centcom Commander, General Joseph Votel, and a US Senator on Friday expressing optimism that the current turbulence in relations would be a temporary phenomenon.
No one can say for sure what would be the outcome of the engagement but given the nature of dependence that the two countries have on each other, there is no option for them to remain estranged for long at the cost of reversal of gains in the war on terror. Pakistan would surely face economic difficulties because of leverages being applied by the United States to force it to toe its lines but then Pakistan too has several leverages that would render American efforts in Afghanistan to a naught. In their zest to please Indians, Americans are trying to belittle and humiliate the contribution made by Pakistan on counter-terrorism front but they can never forget that whatever successes they have achieved in Afghanistan are due to sincere cooperation by Pakistan and they would be caught in a deeper mess there if left by Islamabad. The threats being hurled by White House and others in Washington have hurt sentiments of Pakistani people badly and there are now several question marks about nature of relationship between the two countries. Throughout its history, Pakistan has gained less by allying itself with the United States than what it lost in terms of economic and strategic losses as well as security and peace in the country. Though American General has tried to assuage apprehensions that his country has no intention of taking any unilateral action against Pakistan adding that it only seeks cooperation to tackle Afghan nationals that, in the view of the United States, are using Pakistani soil against Afghanistan but cooperation at gun point is not acceptable to any Pakistani. Therefore, we hope that those engaged with the United States would keep honour, prestige and dignity of the country and the nation in view as any semblance of compromise would be an affront to the people.

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