Opposition’s futile exercise

DESPITE many odds, the government on Tuesday finally managed to block the opposition’s move in the National Assembly to prevent a disqualified person from heading a political party, and paved the way for former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to continue calling the shots in his PML (N). The rejection of the bill, tabled by Syed Naveed Qamar of PPP and supported by all the opposition parties, also relayed message that PML (N) still enjoys majority in the National Assembly despite reported split in the party.
Going by numerical majority of the PML (N) and its allies in the National Assembly, fate of the bill was a foregone conclusion but the opposition still tried its luck just because of rumours of a sizeable forward block in PML (N) and reports of members receiving anonymous telephonic calls not to attend Parliament sessions. One can safely say the opposition is just playing to the galleries as the law in question was also passed by the Senate with majority where the opposition has a clear edge and it has already become part of the statute book. The country is passing through a delicate phase and there are complaints by different circles that Parliament is being rendered irrelevant and democratic process undermined but regrettably all this is happening just because politicians can’t see beyond their nose and preferred indulging in politics of leg-pulling that has benefited none of them in the past and is unlikely to yield any benefit in future as well. Heavens would not fall if Mian Nawaz Sharif remains head of PML (N) while motive of the opposition is absolutely clear – it wants ouster of Sharif family from politics through different tactics so that their dim electoral prospects could brighten. Politicians and political parties should strictly abide by rules of the game and avoid creating a mess that distorts their overall image in the eyes of people.

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