Opposition in disarray

THOUGH the so-called united opposition was in bad shape from the day one but now even the semblance of their unity has disappeared as the two major parties of the opposition have adopted extreme positions and are unwilling to listen to each other on important issues. Their differences were highlighted during election of the leader of the house in the National Assembly and leader of the house in Punjab Assembly but the process for presidential polls has exposed their differences further.
It is quite obvious that the ruling PTI was in a comfortable position to get its nominee – Dr Arif Alvi – elected to office of the President but a joint candidate of the opposition could have given tough fight to PTI and its allies. However, PPP and PML (N) decision to field their own candidates and remarks of both PPP Asif Ali Zardari and PML (N) Mian Nawaz Sharif, as reported in media, have shattered the dream of a united opposition. The opposition could have fielded a joint candidate but PPP did what it accused of PML (N) during election for office of the leader of the House. The PPP then accused PML (N) of not taking other parties on board while nominating Mian Shahbaz Sharif as its nominee and insisted on change of the candidate, a demand, which was rejected by PML (N).
Now PPP unilaterally announced candidature of Aitzaz Ahsan without taking other opposition parties on board. Opposition parties have interpreted this as a move by PPP to give a clear walk over to PTI. Opposition circles believe the PPP is avoiding solidarity with the opposition because of the arms twisting in the shape of FIA inquiry in money laundering case. One PML (N) leader has gone to the extent of claiming that PPP has entered into another NRO to save its leadership from corruption cases. Things would become clear in days to come but it has become evident that the opposition would not be in a position to play its role as effectively as it could have if there was unity in its ranks.

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