Operation Radd-ul-Fasaad

Summaiya Khalid Mufti

In Pakistan, terrorist attacks have witnessed an upsurge in the past few days. There was a lull in these attacks for quite some time but once again it has become the target of terrorists funded by the enemy. The country received a blow in terms of peace when in the short span of five to six days, at least attacks took place in the country. Many innocents lost their lives in these vicious attacks. Finally, the Government decided to launch an all-out operation to control this situation, thus the operation “RADD-UL-FASAAD”, which is progressing well in all respects/aspects.
The Army, Rangers and Police and some others are jointly doing this operation in a very organized way. Only in a few days’ time, many arrests have been made and a number of terrorists have been killed. The security agencies are trying to prevent any kind of untoward incident. What these law enforcement agencies are doing is significant and appreciable but they must do it completely and take this operation “Radd-ul-Fasaad” to its logical end. Make sure to capture only very culprit and lawbreaker without any preference.

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