Operation against terrorists

RECENT Lahore blast plunged the whole country into mourning and different segments of the society once again raised their voices in unison that no leniency should be shown to terrorist elements. Expressing same public sentiments, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif while chairing a high level meeting in Lahore on Wednesday emphatically vowed to take the war against terrorism to its logical conclusion. He said that cowardly acts of terror cannot deter the resolve of the nation and enemies of the country will not be allowed to succeed in its sordid designs.
There is no doubt that our armed and security forces have rendered innumerable sacrifices in war on terror, also acknowledged by the entire world community. It is, however, regrettable that certain political elements within the country miss no opportunity to cast aspersions on those achievements. We agree with their notion that indiscriminate and merciless operation against terror elements should be carried out wherever they exist but at the same time it will not be appropriate to draw parallels in situation between Lahore and Karachi or tribal areas. In fact, there are no ‘No Go Areas’ in Lahore as they were used to be in Karachi and FATA, which led to Army or Rangers operations there. Apart from a few isolated incidents, the overall security, law & order situation in Punjab including Lahore is better and with enhanced intelligence and vigilance, designs of the enemy can be thwarted. But if the situation warrants, the Rangers can also be entrusted the responsibility to go against elements as was done in Rajanpur operation where Rangers were called in as police had failed to overpower the outlaws. Over and above, there is also need to evolve a robust counter narrative and a proper mechanism for de-radicalisation of the society as it will stop providing fuel to our enemy who actually uses our own people to hurt country’s interest and image.

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