Opening the car door..!

IT was with some surprise I noticed a friend of mine walking round to the passenger side of the car and opening the door for his wife. “Don’t let my wife see you do that,” I said with a laugh as I sat behind the couple in the rear. “D’you know that some women even consider it demeaning!” exclaimed his wife giving her husband a loving nudge.
“That’s right,” he said looking back at me with a smile, “one woman saw me do it and remarked with disdain, “I’m sure she’s perfectly capable of opening the door for herself.”
“And what did you say to that?” I asked curious as husband and wife in the front seat grinned at each other. “I told her, I don’t open the door for my wife because she is incapable, I do it to honour her!”
Let me confess I still hadn’t come to opening the car door for my wife, but that little episode got me thinking. When we honour someone its not easy to dishonor that same person later is it? Because, what happens when we honour? We take that particular relationship and lift it a little higher than the rest. High enough for it not to be touched and tarnished by the common and the ordinary.
Loving a person is fine, its beautiful, but to honour is one stage above. Like I said I hadn’t yet come to opening the car door, but it got me thinking: A house where loved ones are honoured, whether it is a wife, a husband or parents, is not a house anymore it is a home.
Red Oak, Iowa, is situated in a valley. The railroad station is upon a hill. Standing on the platform of the railroad station you can look down and see all the homes in one easy glance. Says Robert E. Edgar, “on one occasion I was talking to a little girl who was standing there and not knowing her well at all, I said: “Tell me which one of those houses d’you live in?”
The sun was shining brightly, flickering through the trees on the little houses, and she answered: “I don’t live in a house, I live in a home!” “What’s the difference?” asked Edgar. “Well,” said the little girl, “the sun shines on a house, but it shines in a home!” Ah the amount of money some of our millionaires and billionaires have invested on their houses, but if the sun isn’t shining inside, then it’s a waste of money isn’t it?
My car grins at me, “You male chauvinist, you goin’ to open the door for the missus?” And above, my house looks down and asks, “When you gonna change me into a home?” But suddenly, a God above nods and asks, “When Bob?” and startled, I walk and open the door for my wife to step in..!

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