An open letter to CJP

Mazhar Abro
Khairpur Mirs, Sindh

With great respect to your honor and with extreme sense of regards and due deference it is submitted that I Mazhar Hussain (Penname: Mazhar Abro) am a college professor and writer by passion. In literary world my recognition as a well-known Sindhi Short story writer, Novelist, Columnist, Poet and TV drama writer is established. Many books, columns, essays and TV Dramas are on my literary credit. In recognition I have received many awards including ‘Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai National Award’ by Pakistan Academy of Letters, Islamabad.
Since last one year I have been complaining to all with valid and solid proofs that Sukkur Board of Education has crossed all limits of corruption. Here marks and positions are being sold to sons and daughters of professors of colleges, influential persons, and depriving the poor and the deserving students of their actual results and rights. There is a mafia in the BISE Sukkur who do this illegal business.
I really feel pain to see this in our country, particularly in education system, which is an important source for our children for a better and prosperous future. Education is the most powerful weapon to bring a change, but if the same weapon is corrupted how it is possible to bring about a change? In the light of aforesaid circumstances I sent my presentations to all higher authorities.
The Prime Minster of Pakistan has also taken notice on my complaints and forwarded my complaint to the Chief Secretary Government of Sindh for disciplinary and legal action, but no action has been taken against the corrupt officials of BISE Sukkur. The appointment of Syed Ghulam Mujtaba Shah as Chairman BISE Sukkur is illegal and clearly in violation of a verdict of Supreme Court of Pakistan.
Instead of taking any notice of my complaints I have been pressurised and tortured mentally by officials of BISE Sukkur. For silencing my voice they have started revengeful acts against my family and me. In this regard recently they have lodged some false cases against me. Therefore, my humble appeal to you is that please take a suo motu action against aforesaid matter. I have enormous faith that your honour will uphold justice and rule of law.

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