Onus on Japan to face its history: People’s Daily


Beijing—Facing up to its history of aggression and reflecting on its historical crimes are a debt Japan must pay, sooner or later, according to a commentary in the People’s Daily on Friday.
In the commentary criticizing Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s offering to the notorious Yasukuni Shrine on Thursday, the newspaper said paying tribute to heinous war criminals reveals an obsession with the old dream of militarism.
In recent years, Abe has repeatedly made ritual offerings at the shrine, which honors Class-A convicted war criminals of World War II, and his aides and staff have visited the shrine multiple times, the article observed.
The commentary said that such acts were aimed at reversing the judgment on Japan’s history of aggression and extolling the crimes it committed during war.
It is worrisome that distorted historical views prevail in Japanese society and right-wing thought is emerging in the nation, it said.
Owning up to its history is a prerequisite for Japan to gain the trust of its neighbors, the commentary said, adding if the nation refuses to take lessons from history, its prospects will be gloomy and Asia’s peace and stability will be challenged.—Xinhua

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