Only grand plans..!

THE leader of the country laid the plans on his table, and looked at the people, “We are going to build the most magnificent worship place for you here!” he said. He looked at another man standing next to him, who was a religious leader, “What have you to say brother?”
“I must thank you for allowing us to also build a worship place for people of our faith, right next to yours!” said the bearded leader. “We will build something grand! Thank you again!” “You are welcome!” said the leader of the country, “I have sanctioned half our budget to make the most wonderful religious buildings for those of your faith and mine!”
“Half your budget!” smiled the religious leader of the other faith, “You are most generous!” As the leaders of both the communities pored over there plans for the most wondrous buildings, they did not hear the voices of millions of hungry and starving people moaning, “Food! Food! Give us some food!”
“It will have a dome in the centre!” said the country’s leader stroking his white beard. “Mine will have golden minarets!” said the other also stroking his long black beard. Again they did not hear a million voices crying out, “Jobs! Jobs! We need jobs so we can look after our families! Jobs! Jobs! Give us jobs!”
And in an ALM park in an area called Mahakali in Mumbai, engineers looked at the park they had taken over from a local NGO and smiled at the municipal officials, “Look at how we have created a new walkaway for the people!” they said.
“We will also plant new trees so they can have more shade!” said another engineer looking at the people doing their morning walk. “Look at how people do their morning exercises in the pergola!” said the first engineer, “These people are so lucky to have such a wonderful park created by us!”
They did not hear the gasps from people around, crying, “Water! Water! We are thirsty! We walk around the park and when we want to quench our thirst, there’s no water to drink!”
The engineers and the municipal officials looked at each other, “What a wonderful entrance gate we have made!” they said and clapped for each other. “It looks like an entrance to a palace!”
They did not see the people going to the toilet and looking with dismay at taps that had no water. They did not see the people looking at the filth and dirt that filled the bathrooms with no running water to clean the place.
The bearded leader, the municipal men and government engineers, hardly heard the cries of people who had voted them in crying out for water, for jobs, for food. They looked at grand plans to build grand structures but showed no inclination to address the basic problems of people and nation ..!

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