Only giving from our excess..!

THE man who appeared dying fell down in front of a hut. A woman stepped out and seeing the fallen man rushed to him, “Here,” she said, “Eat this, you will get strength to get up and live!”
“Water!” cried the fallen man, “I am thirsty, give me water!” “Eat!” said the woman, “There is more at home to spare!” “Water!” cried the dying man, “Water!” “I have only a bucket of water!” said the woman sternly, “It is for our drinking, washing and my husband’s evening bath!”
“I am dying!” cried the man. “Eat!” said the woman, “There is plenty!” “Water!” gasped the dying man. “Can’t share that with you!” said the woman as she sighed and went back into her hut.
The recent riots about water in Karnataka, the sad burning of buses and cars, even injuries and a tragic killing in Bengeluru and her nearby districts, the violent questioning of people to speak the local language, all centred around the sharing of water is like the tale I’ve just narrated.
We like the poor lady are happy to give off our excess, but will not share our little! The world watches amused! Is this the country that prides itself in being the religious capital of the world? What an opportunity for our religious leaders.
Every religion talks about the act of giving. If only one of our spiritual leaders had started a campaign and spread a message to the people of Karnataka saying, “Let us start a signature campaign. Will each of you use only half the water you normally use? Sign this paper, and let us give that water to our brothers in Tamilnadu!”
But nobody did that! In fact I know many friends of mine, also in Bangalore who have tried to convince me how difficult it’s going to be once the water is released. “Bob, we won’t be able to have a bath twice a day!
Do you know how hot Bangalore is these days? It’s not like before, cool and refreshing. Oh no, it’s hot and humid. Even with our air-conditioners on we need two baths! And those people across the border, they want to deprive us of this? How could they go to the Supreme Court? How?”
The man who had fallen in front of the hut, cried out with his last dying breath, “Water!” He then rolled over and breathed his last. The woman peeping from the window, shook her head sadly, “If only he had wanted food!” she whispered to herself and went back to her work.

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