Only Gen Raheel could do it…

PAKISTAN has had very competent and professional Army Chiefs, who made a mark in their own way, but the incumbent General Raheel Sharif’s name would go down in the annals of the history as a chief who made a difference almost in every respect. He has many things to his credit but the unprecedented move made by him on Friday, in which he sent packing twelve officers of Pakistan Army including six high-ranking ones on charges of corruption, would always be remembered by historians as it speaks volumes about his personal conduct and the vision he has for good governance.
Since his induction as Chief of the Army Staff on 27 November 2013, General Raheel Sharif demonstrated unparalleled leadership qualities and took initiatives that others were shy of even contemplating. Everyone knows that the menace of terrorism was threatening the very survival of the country and many local and international observers feared Pakistan was at the brink of collapse due to the magnitude of the challenge posed by terrorists and militants. Credit goes to General Raheel, who launched an all out offensive against terrorists, which is known as operation Zarb-e-Azb and steered it to the success making a visible turn around in the security situation and this is being acknowledged not only by people of Pakistan but also by saner members of the international community. He demonstrated his unflinching resolve to address the threat by attacking terrorists and hardened criminals all over the country and also made hectic efforts to seek cooperation from Afghanistan as well to take the operation to its logical conclusion. Therefore, he served the cause of peace and security of Pakistan and of the region and the world. It was because of his thorough professionalism that an online forum called ABC News Point described him as the best military commander general in the world for his “decision making, commands and way to tackle enemies, bravery and a deep eye on the national and international concerns”. The issue of corruption in Army has been there since long but no one dared to address it despite the fact that Army was part and parcel of a society that is presently sunk into morass of corruption. Army is there in cantonments in the midst of cities and is also running commercial ventures and housing societies and it is understood corruption has seeped into this institution as well. By taking action against corrupt elements within his institution, General Raheel has dismissed the theory of ‘sacred’ or ‘holy’ cows vis-à-vis corruption.

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