Ongoing genocide in IOK


Dr Muhammad Khan
IN last five months (July to November 2017), Indian brutal forces have killed over 200 Kashmiri youth in various parts of Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK). Just on November 18, 2017, six young Kashmiri boys were killed in Bandipora area by Indian Army. They were few days earlier and killed in a fake encounter on night 17/18 November. On 21 November 2017, a Kashmir youth, Adil Rashid was killed in Pulwama area. Besides, there is an ongoing wave of state sponsored terror in IOK at the hands of Indian security forces, killing the innocent Kashmiris on daily basis.
The current wave of Indian state-sponsored terrorism is part of brutal strategy, the Indian Army Chief, General Bipin Rawat announced in mid-February, 2017. While being in the Headquarters of Northern Command in IOK, General Rawat gave a clear line of action against Kashmiri people. He directed his under commands, ‘those who obstruct our operations through pelting stones will be considered as Jihadis and will be dealt with severely.’ Besides, he also issued very strong warning for those hoisting the Pakistani flags and demonstrates any pro-Pakistan sentiments. He ordered the people of IOK to, “stops hoisting national flag of Pakistan at their homes and declared those hoist Pakistan flag as traitors. Indian forces will not excuse those who hoist Pakistan flag.”
Before implementation, the Bipin Rawat’s strategy in IOK was debated well among the military higher-up and then it was put up for the approval of Indian Government. Besides killing of innocent Kashmiris, the major manifestation of the strategy was the award of COAS ‘Commendation Card’ to Major Leetul Gogoi, who tied a Kashmiri youth, Mr Farooq Ahmad Dar, in front of his Army Jeep during polling in the Srinagar by-elections on April 9, 2017. The major and his colleagues have used Kashmiri youth as an example for others, protesting for their rights. The Bipin Rawat Strategy is all about ‘subjecting the innocent Kashmiri youth in IOK to further atrocities, oppression and repression. A senior Indian parliamentarian, Sharad Yadav, being critical to the action of General Rawat pointed out that, “Even before the probe in the case is complete; such an act by the government will further aggravate the Kashmir situation.” Indian Defence Minister has appreciated this act of human shield and commendation card by General Rawat. Later, this supply corps officer was cleared by this so-called inquiry board too, since Indian security forces have complete impunity in IOK.
The new wave of terror in IOK is being implemented under this strategy of General Bipin Rawat. The Kashmiris are only demanding their right of self-determination. It has to be kept in mind that Kashmir is a disputed territory whose future has to be decided by its people in the light of UN resolutions. Thus, by any definition, they are not Indian citizens nor can they be asked to obey the orders of Indian Government and its brutal Army. A prominent Indian analyst, Raj Parwani said about this new strategy that, “Countries and communities unite by care and compassion not by senseless so called “patriotism”, acts like this along with Hindutwa fever will not just alienate Kashmiris but also alienate Muslims, Sikhs and Christians. Modi with his choice of Army chief and Yogi in UP will leave India completely fragmented.”
For decades now, Kashmiri spend their lives in a state of total fright and insecurity from the Indian security forces. This fear is felt alike among the larger Kashmiri community as well as a single individual. These are the aspects of human security, the most significant aspect of international law. The right to live is explicitly sanctioned in international law, to every individual, regardless of cast, creed, faith or geographic identity. The provision of human rights’ and security are categorically stated both in international law and International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). But the human security situation in Indian Occupied Kashmir is ironically an ignored fact by international community.
Through a planned strategy India is carrying out the genocide of Kashmiri youth. All inhuman and brutal methods are being used to kill, torture and humiliate the Kashmir youth. As per local Kashmiris people of IOK, as a routine, the protestors and the stone palter (mostly youth) are arrested and later killed through fake encounters. The brutalities of Indian Army against Kashmiri youth and innocent people of the disputed state is a grave violation of human rights, the Geneva Convention and international Law. General Bipin Rawat’s new strategy of genocide in IOK is an eye opener for the human rights champions, across the civilized world. Alongside the major powers, who have their strategic and economic interests with India, the international institutions are also quite over this massive human rights violation in IOK.
— The writer, Professor of Politics and International Relations, is based in Islamabad.

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