One-way ticket to the top

Mirza Shahnawaz Agha

OF nation states that came about and do exist the proven recipe for a successful journey from a third world station to the first world destination has been pre determined by three steps. This has been recurrently proven and right under our noses it continues by those Nation States that have chosen to free themselves from servitude and decadence. Those Nations that ignored the proven course remained stagnating or regressing and in many cases lost their sovereignty and became non-existent. They either opted for politicising their decision-making abilities and or sold their being, as a protectorate of some economically stronger country. In both cases they sealed their own fate into the hands of slavery or a form of neo colonialism. These countries had one thing in common – a lousy laid back leadership that emerged as a consequence of a feudal social structure within the Nation State and or as a plant by the colonists.
In the Pakistan context what we are seeing in the seventy-year history is a combination of both evils. We have had lousy leadership in succession and we have a commitment with the colonists to continue to serve their interest. The leaders could neither understand value nor recognize the efficacy of material justice. They could not settle for self-respect for the Nation and could never relate to the founding ideology of the State. Rudimentary notions of creating a dynasty in the garb of some silly façade of democracy have been the deafening slogan mongering that has sickened the Nation.
Politics has become a profession for profit taking by the Political parties and their band of bandits and that is the face of the legislature again in succession. It is suppose to be an august assembly of people or representatives of the people emerging from captive constituencies and this is all in denial of social justice and laws that ought to be applicable across the board. These woes be what they are, the proven track for development is ironically way different. Those Nation States that have transited from nothingness to the first world status and have freed themselves from servitude and a heist by the seekers of our natural resources have opted to ‘go for the best’ for their people and from the labor and resources of their ownership. They did not beg for anything mostly money! They made their own laws, that liberated the people to exercise their free will, and opted for governments that served and not subdued them. The three cardinal principals for the journey of success that have surfaced fail free and have withstood the test of time are: Architectural Plans that define and portray the Nation State; The branding of such plans and Its marketing. This is just like marketing a consumer product in a competitive market. One can take the example of Singapore, Japan, Germany, the US and more to understand the intricacy of the rule – of –the –game.
We are blessed with an ideology that gives us Architectural plans without having to work for it. For instance it ordains that we ‘go for the best, nothing but the best’; It tells us not to borrow on interest as it is like waging war against Allah; It tells us to make Shoora compulsive which is consensus development in governing; It tells us of Masavat which is the applicability of laws across the board; It tells us about Ijtehad which forbids bigotry; It tells us that there is no compulsion in you adopting or practicing any set of beliefs, which allows us the exercise of free will. It ordains compulsive education and negates illiteracy. It forbids us to compromise on our dignity and therefore frees us from begging. It binds us in brotherhood universally making us the bastions of fair play and human rights. Do we need more for giving Pakistan an architectural face and façade?
Once the Architectural plans are in place, the legislature will have a road map to legislate upon, and fifty six other countries on the planet representing a population of one and a half billion Muslims will have a commonwealth to lean on for their way forward. That is our course for ‘branding’ and consequently rallying universal opinion and support for issues that will keep the wolves off our turf. This is also our bedrock for ‘marketing’ of our structure of the State. The structure of the State will now determine the course for our defense and foreign policy. Politics will be focused on serving the nation instead of robbing the nation to dream a dynastical rule, based on the social structure of slaves and boot lickers. Men who have made a difference in human history have been people with a free soul living in a free environment. Slaves and beggars have only lost their abodes and have sold their bodies and souls to the devil. Pakistan beware. Pakistanis beware.
— The writer is entrepreneur, author based in Karachi.

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