One tax, one nation

It is very hard to believe that the one tax one nation (GST) becomes such a complicated issue. Initially it has been told that there would be a single tax for a whole nation; later on it was modified into three categories such as CGST, SGST and IGST. This makes the dilutions of the actual theme of the GST. Without proper vision and clarity, simply bringing (mortifying the old scheme) new taxation for namesake will not bring any fruitful results.
Even till date so many educated people also don’t have any clear idea what GST means, then think about the illiterate people? Since the GST comes under the indirect tax, each and every citizen of India will be affected by it. This is a kind of dumping more tax burden on the common man. Modi has indeed ruined the economy of India. He is the worst Prime Minister India has ever had.
Mumbai, India

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