One man’s food is another’s poison


Zaheer Bhatti
GOING by the selective proscribing of individuals and organizations while inducting programmed individuals and outfits styled as jehadis and making them carry out indiscriminate crimes against humanity, it is clearly designed to malign and distort the concept of Jehad in Islam as no genuine Muslim would kill innocent unarmed people and attack hospitals and places of worship and reverence in the name of Jehad; the latest revelation that Abu Bakar Al baghdadi the IS/Daesh Chief with a fake Muslim name was in fact a Jew bears testimony to my assertion. The cat has thus been let out of the bag in the so-called war on terror which has been selectively launched against the Muslim world by imperialist forces through mercenaries who have no conscience but only a price.
Pork is forbidden in Islam, but some other religions relish it as food because that is what suits them. Just as one man’s food is another’s poison, Jehad in Islam is mandatory and a sacred duty against oppression and usurpation of fundamental rights, exploitation of individuals, groups or clans within a State, and against countries transgressing into other’s territories and partaking of their resources. But Jehad is terrorism to those it does not suit or comes in the way of their covert designs, agendas and practices, whereas they themselves squarely qualify as perpetrators of terrorism. The world must recognize that Intefada (resistance against tyranny and occupation) in Indian-occupied Kashmir, Palestine again Afghanistan is Jehad and not terrorism.
Israel which under US umbrella annexed Arab territories in 1967 continues to deny Palestinians their right to exist as a sovereign State despite agreements and declarations which continue to remain an eye-wash to the world. Israel in addition carries out espionage against Muslim entities in collaboration with India which is aided, abetted and facilitated to destabilize Pakistan as it carries out worst crimes against humanity in its occupied territory of Jammu and Kashmir including against the leadership of the All Parties Hurriyat Conference, banning access to international human rights groups and gets away by blaming Pakistan instead for harbouring terrorists.
While it was time to call a spade a spade in the wake of the belligerence lately demonstrated against nuclear Pakistan by Trump and his cohorts lately alleging 20 terrorist outfits operating in Pakistan, it is a pack of eminent non-sense as Pakistan has repeatedly asked the US to identify names and places for it to take action. Let there be no mistake that Pakistan will refuse to be browbeaten and taken for granted, and it was time that despite having been dragged into the so-called war on terror the world honoured Pakistani sacrifices, recognized sincerity of its efforts as also its pivotal role for peace in Afghanistan. Pakistan’s Defence Minister made the country’s mindset clear by refusing to see the American CENTCOM Commander Gen Joseph Votel in the wake of a drone attack in Pakistan’s Khyber Agency without taking Pakistan into confidence.
The Prime Minister of Pakistan rightly declared that henceforth any visiting official from the US will only be met by an equivalent in rank from Pakistan, though one is not sure if the PM meeting US Vice President Pence on the sidelines of the UNGA, was thus in order. Pakistani leadership must dismiss fears of those painting the doom’s day for Pakistan should it venture to look the adversaries squarely in the eye. Only those nations and individuals will live in that history stand up on principle; Fidel Castro, Che Guerra, Matin Luther King, Hugo Chavez, Nelson Mandela and Imam Khomeini have become immortals not for nothing. The United States is guilty of terrorism across the globe in its quest for hegemony, browbeating Cuba, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Indonesia and Sudan, and invading Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.
It has done so by using the United Nations which since long has abandoned the reason for its creation and become a puppet of the Imperialists who obtain sanctions at will against nations electing to stoutly defend themselves such as Iran, Syria and North Korea, and extracting authorization for others to be assaulted in the name of peace or in defense of its so-called national interests in these territories. One still has to know what US national interests were served by the war in Vietnam, the Middle East ‘Desert Storm’ and Afghanistan, except that each time the United States had to invent a reason to descend on their resources and attack them; 9/11 being the latest escapade leaving several loopholes in its scripting conveniently electing not to answer for.
Listening to Donald Trump asking for reforms in the UN Charter one wondered what else he expected of the UN to accomplish to his satisfaction. Yes! The World Body indeed needs reforms to re-establish equality among all member nations in order to become relevant. Thus far, instead of implementing its own standing Resolutions over the issues of Kashmir and Palestine which were at the root of global instability, looking the other way and asking concerned parties to resolve them bilaterally, has only signaled its own irrelevance.
It is time also for Pakistan to re-calibrate and take up with the US and the UN the yardstick applied to proscribe and scapegoat some key individuals and philanthropic organizations in Pakistan whose only crime is that they are outspoken over tyranny and excesses against Pakistan by India and the US. They support waging of Jehad against the forces of evil be they India against its occupied Muslim majority territory of Jammu and Kashmir or persecution of Palestinians by Israel. They support the Afghan Taliban for their struggle to vacate their homeland of foreign aggression as should all peoples and nations across the globe in the name of justice and peace if they wish to be remembered in history for the right reasons. They must support the right of all States to exist without interference from outside, in order to fashion a genuinely new World Order for all humanity.
—The writer is a media professional, member of Pioneering team of PTV and a veteran ex Director Programmes.

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