One has to be Erdogan to foil coup

WHILST leading from the front by its President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish government on Saturday successfully suppressed an attempted coup by a section of military officials. Erdogan who emerged stronger out of this development has vowed that those responsible will pay heavy price for their treason — the right course to prevent and thwart any future rebellion.
The events that unfolded in Turkey on Friday, one can safely say that it was not a military coup in real sense as it was not orchestrated by senior military officials including the army chief but only a section of military officials were behind it that also claimed the lives of around two hundred people and injured about fifteen hundred people. Those made the coup attempt were apparently inspired by the US based preacher Fethullah Gulen whose followers are well entrenched in different departments of the country including police and judiciary. The reclusive cleric does not enjoy popular support of the Turkish people — majority of whom are moderate and fully back the policies of President Erdogan. This was the reason that people supporting the call of their President came out on the streets to resist and thwart the coup efforts. Democratically elected Erdogan enjoys respects and massive support of masses for the remarkable socio-economic policies he introduced first in his stint as the prime minister and now as president of the country. We understand that had there been any controversial and scandal ridden figure at the helm of affairs, the big crowd of people would not have come on the streets to rescue the government. The way the enthusiastic youth rallied behind their leader in big number clearly depict that they fully endorse the forward looking policies of Erdogan for development of Turkey. We are sure if Erdogan seeks fresh mandate from the public and announce mid term elections, he will win the polls with overwhelming majority.

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