On the way to stability

THREE years back, the country was unfortunately known for all the bad things especially when it was always in the headlines for fragile security situation and terrorist attacks but today the situation stands much improved. Regardless of what the critics say, government has the discretion to take credit of all the good work it has done to steer the country out of multidimensional challenges and put it on a stable path- something that is also being acknowledged by world leading financial institutions and newspapers.
A US newspaper in its latest report has acknowledged that major progress made by Pakistan in security, economic and political environments have helped create stability for a thriving middle class. While talking about political or democratic system first, we believe it has strengthened to a great deal and due to a strong media; people today have greater understanding about political matters than they had ever before. Ever since assumption of power by PML-N, the opposition challenged the government on many fundamental issues yet survival of the system despite all those odds clearly indicate that system is strong enough not to be derailed anymore. In addition, we also believe that opposition parties rightly raised voice on important matters be it corruption, bad governance or improvement in electoral system. A strong opposition is vital in order to keep the government focused on welfare of the people. Turning to security situation, it is visible to everybody that number of terror attacks has reduced significantly and during past three years, deaths from terrorist attacks have fallen by two-thirds. All this has boosted the confidence of investors and the country has started achieving higher growth rates. While we hope that this upward trajectory will continue by ensuring greater discipline, we will ask federal and provincial governments to accord special attention to social sector especially education and health as well as ensure greater transparency in public departments so that people could see a positive change in their daily life.

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