Oman forum calls for Waqf fund for scientific research


The international symposium, organised by Al Khalil Center for Arab and Humanities Studies of Nizwa University on ‘The Omani Al Muhallab Bin Abi Sufra Al Azdi,’ Friday recommended the establishment of a national scientific Waqf fund to finance scientific and academic research in historical, cultural, linguistic and educational fields, in addition to deepening the scientific research on the origins of the Al Muhallab family and their origin in Oman, based on historical and archaeological evidence.
The symposium, which concluded at the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Muscat, also recommended the establishment of a special department for the Al Muhallab family in the Omani museums, which will include the physical remains, especially the coins, and promoting cooperation between Oman and Iraq to explore the heritage of the Al Muhallab family in Basra and study it academically to publish it for the public.
Further, the symposium recommended the activation of cultural investment in the Omani figures, including Al Muhallab family through the production of educational and cultural materials, audio-visual, and cartoon films to consolidate the cultural values of these symbols in a bid to achieve goals of the sustainable development, and to print the papers presented in this symposium in Arabic and English (hard and soft copies) and publish them within and outside the Sultanate. Additionally, the symposium in its recommendations made by Younis bin Jameel al Nu’amani from the National Commission for Education, Culture and Science called for translation of the non-Arabic books and studies on the character of Al Muhallab bin Abi Sufra and Al Muhallab family into Arabic and re-publish the books and studies on the character of Al Muhallab family that are out of stock to be offered for the public, in addition to directing the postgraduate students and researchers at the Omani universities to conduct more studies and research on Al Muhallab family to provide a clear picture of efforts on this family.
The symposium, which was held over two days, called for naming a number of state, scientific, educational and research facilities and border crossings in Oman after Al Muhallab bin Abi Sufra to commemorate his name in the Omani memory and remind the generations of him and his historical position.
Moreover, the symposium recommended the continuation of organising scientific symposia to commemorate the Omani figures, such as Ahmed bin Majid, Al Khalil bin Ahmed al Farahidi, Mohammed bin Hassan bin Duraid and others, in addition to the organisation of scientific seminars and studies that shed light on the Omani cities present in the history of Oman and associated with Omani figures, such as Dibba, Suhar, Nizwa, Al Rustaq and others.—Agencies

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