OIC water council formed

Jeddah—The Third Session of the Islamic Conference of Ministers responsible for Water (ICMW), which will be held in Istanbul, Turkey, from 17 to 19 May 2016 under the theme “From Vision to Action” will discuss ways and means to strengthen cooperation between OIC Member States on water-related issues. The ministerial conference is expected to form an OIC Water Council, which will function under the authority of the Islamic Conference of Ministers responsible for Water.
The Water Council is expected to devise a funding mechanism for the activities that will be undertaken under the framework of the OIC Water Vision, develop implementation plan and make necessary recommendations for consideration by the OIC appropriate organs. It will promote capacity building and exchange experiences through collaboration among OIC stakeholders. The forthcoming ICMW will discuss the Draft Terms of Reference of the Water Council to facilitate implementation of the OIC Water Vision.—Email

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