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OIC Makkah Summit

ORGANISATION of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) at its summit in Makkah has once again unequivocally expressed support and solidarity with people of both Palestine and Kashmir. In its communiqué issued at conclusion of the moot, the OIC supported legitimate right to self-determination of Kashmiri people as well as establishment of an independent and sovereign Palestinian state.
The OIC declaration came at a very important time when both India and Israel have ratchet up state oppression and atrocities against innocent people in Kashmir and Palestine who have been waging struggle to seek independence from cruel and evil clutches over the past many decades. However given current situation in the territories, it is time for the OIC to move beyond mere issuing verbal statements. Until and unless the representative organisation of Muslims collectively takes concrete practical steps, plight of these oppressed people is not going to end with mere issuance of statements and passage of condemnation resolutions. Addressing the Summit, Prime Minister Imran Khan emphatically called upon Muslim countries to stand up against the oppression of Muslims in the world.
For this, the Muslim countries need to speak with one voice at the world forums such as the United Nations for the rights of Palestinians and Kashmiris. At the Istanbul Summit, a demand was made by the OIC to send an international peace keeping force for protection of Palestinians but this was not followed up with any action at the UN. Similarly, demand for sending a fact-finding inquiry commission to Indian held Kashmir (IOK) needs to be taken up persistently at the world body. It must also be recognised that inviting oppressors such as India at the OIC meetings amounts to rubbing salt on the wounds of oppressed people.
If the OIC countries really feel pain and agony of oppressed Muslims, they will have to rise above their political and economic expediency and collectively place embargoes and sanctions on those countries committing crimes against Muslims. Indeed such a course will pressurise countries such as Israel and India to end their tyranny and move towards resolution of the lingering disputes. But for this to happen, the OIC will have to demonstrate unity in its ranks and stance. A fragmented body will only benefit our enemies.