Official rain date..!

IT is raining heavily! I told the weatherman. “You people know nothing,” said the weatherman, “we have predicted the monsoons to be here only on the twentieth of July!” “Then what do you think fell on me this morning”, I cried desperately.
“Could have been your neighbor upstairs watering his plants”, said the weatherman with a laugh. “Every year we have so many false alarms from people who say that rain fell on them or they felt a drizzle that we feel like reminding them to just read our weather reports and not worry.
There are numerous vested elements who would like to spread false rumours about spotting rain clouds or feeling rain drops. Just follow our reports. We are professionals!” “Yes”, I said, “but I am sure it was rain that fell on me this morning. The ground is still wet”.
“The ground can get wet for a variety of reasons, as I mentioned when I was a speaker at a rotary club meeting the other day, it could get wet when your car is being washed”. “It is a big patch of wet ground”, I protested.
“You must have washed a bus then”, said the weatherman. “What is that strange looking thing under your arm?” “My umbrella”. “Did I tell you to carry an umbrella?” “No but today’s shower…”
“False alarm. In fact I have a theory which I told the Lions club members the other day that it could be the umbrella manufacturers who spread these rumors to increase their sales”. “But I felt the rain”.
“Well I didn’t. And I am the weatherman. Do you know anything about rain?” “No,” I said. “Then how do you have the courage to come here and argue with me?” “I’m sorry,” I said.
“Once we give an official date we stick by it. We are very strict with our time schedules. Though this year as an exception, we are thinking about extending the date of the monsoons arrival”. “Why?” I asked.
“To help the municipality”, said the weatherman, “they have not been able to fill up all the ditches and trenches they have dug up, so if the date is extended it will give them more time.” Suddenly there was the sound of thunder and a torrential shower from the skies lashed onto me and the weatherman. I saw him looking up at the sky in horror.
“It’s rain,” I shouted. “It can’t be,” shouted the weatherman. “I have not given the official rain date, no .. don’t open your umbrella. It’s not rain..!

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