Of protocol and security

Hashim Abro

Legally speaking, every government is responsible for the security of its people. Consistent with that responsibility, Pakistan’s government, both, at the Federal as well as at the Provincial level, has pursued a legitimate goal: subduing organized crime, targeted killings in the commercial hub of the country and Provincial capital, Karachi. Pakistan Rangers, together with Sindh Police and Intelligence agencies have done commendable job and results are visible with the return of peace, normalcy and commercial activity in Karachi.
But it was done so in the wake of National Action Plan (NAP), and so the criminal cartels, Mafias are reined in but yet remain to be eliminated through the length and breadth if this country. Indeed accidents, including targeted killings, hurt but safety does not. Safety gives sense of security, courage and confidence, therefore, empower the Rangers with the desired powers to make this country tears and terror-free. A common citizen does not expect to have the prototol which the privileged class of the country enjoys, but he definitely deserves to have safety and security of life as enshrined and guaranteed by the Constitution of Pakistan.

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