Of Korean National Day and Jam’s party for US Consul General

Salahuddin Haider

Two back to back memorable events almost at the same time, apparently was a problem to invitees to be at both places, but time sharing is an art. Despite worries, the problem was luckily resolved with far more ease than had been thought. Myself, eminent businessman Kalim Farooqi, Pervez Madras Walal, the US Consul General Grace Shelton herself, chief guest at Jam Karam Ali house in Defence Society, and many more managed to be there. Both these events were lovely and indeed would remain memorable and fresh in mind for long time to come.
Both the Sindhis and the Koreans excel in hospitality. Its demonstration was too vivid to ignore at the posh hotel where the Consul General of the Republic of Korea Kim Dongi, held a grand reception to celebrate the memorable day, and the kind of humility and courtesy former senator Jam Karam Ali, and his two sons Jam Ashiq and Jam farouk extended to the guests at their respective events, was tremendous . Touching and memorable I should say.
Just for record, a glance at the career background of the lady. taking over the responsibility of US Consul General in Karachi will naturally be of interest to everyone. Grace, tall, lanky, smart and pretty, smiling and portrait of courtesy.
I had briefs sessions with her. She was really smart and courteous, and extremely delightful personality Ms. Shelton started her career as an Attorney with Bouhan, Williams & Levy in Savannah, Georgia and a law clerk to the Honorable Duross Fitzpatrick, United States District Judge for the Middle District of Georgia. She has Doctorate in Law and Masters in International Affairs from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Arts from Bucknell University. Ms. Shelton was born and raised in Durham, North Carolina.
She has previously served as the Consul General at the Consulate General of US in Hamilton, Bermuda. Her previous assignments include Slovenia, Nepal, Belarus, Malaysia and Washington DC.
Ms. Shelton replaced Brian Heath, who assumed charge as the U.S. Consul General in Karachi on August 20, 2014.The US Consulate in Karachi is one of the largest Consulate General in terms of both personnel and facilities, than many U.S. Embassies. It is part of Mission Pakistan and reports through the Embassy of the United States in Islamabad.
She was invited at Jam Karam Ali House, the famous agicuturist family of Sanghar. And she was the centre of attraction for almost every one of those present there. She had nothing but smiles for them, showing how North Carlonians excel in courtesies. Hope her mission in Karachi, although primarily short for a year, will be memorable for each one of us./ Prior to reaching there, she attended Korean national day as part of her official duty. Work conscious.
Kim Dongi and wife greeted guests right at the gate of the main banquethall, photographed with each and everyone of them. He spoke brilliantly to remind that 20 Korean firms were working in Pakistan. His country was interested in hydro power projects, in establishing power distribution companies, Information Technology, health centres. He said he was looking forward to greater cooperation with Pakistan, because he say great scope and potential and prospects. He hoped that a free trade agreement now being readied, on signing, will open new vistas of cooperation with Pakistan.
Currently, bilateral trade stood at 1.1 billion US dollars which was not enough. In 33 years of displomatic relations between the two countries, efforts have constantly been made to find common grounds for progress in social,cultural and economic fields.
A cake was jointly cut by Sindh Assembly speaker Agha Siraj Durrani, Consul Generals of China, Turkey, and the Secretary General of Karachi Council for Foreign Relations Ahsan Mukhtar Zuberi. It was a great occasion for which Dongi and his wife had worked very hard. They deserved congratulations for the sheer mass turn out at the reception was solid evidence of that.

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